Zoie Burgher Bio, Age, Net Worth, Salary, Boyfriend, Height in 2022


Zoie Burgher Bio, Age, Net Worth, Salary, Boyfriend, Height in 2022

Zoie Burgher is a former Twitch streamer and avid internet celebrity. She is known for her eponymous youtube channel Zoie Burgher.



Zoeberg’s early life

Zoie Burgher as Zoe Elena Berg exist November 29, 1995exist Miami, Florida, USA. As of 2020, she is 25 years old and her Sun sign is Sagittarius. She is American and her race is white.

She’s from Florida and spent a few months in the summer Arizona State University. Later, he studied from her international affairs major Florida State University. She currently resides in United StatesFloridaSever Hills. Zoeberg’s height is 5 feet 8 inches High. Likewise, she has shiny dark brown eyes and blond hair.

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Zoie Burgher, Internet celebrityCaption: Zoie Burgher, Internet Celebrity Source: Instagram

What is Zoie Burgher’s Net Worth and Salary?

Her current net worth is approximately $1 million by 2022. In addition, Zoie has over 1.1 million subscribers as of now, $507 – $8.1K every month and $61,000 – $97,300 Per year. Her current net worth is enough for her to maintain a luxurious lifestyle.

In addition to this, the estimated income must be within $400 daily from the channel or $146,000 There are no age-restricted videos from year to year. Before moving to YouTube, Zoie made a lot of money from donations on her livestreams. She has also sold dirty pictures of her to her followers on Snapchat in the past.

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However, Zoie is mostly known for being a twerking streamer when wearing a bikini or rarely wearing clothes. Therefore, the number of her videos is limited by age. Therefore, she cannot make money from YouTube ads.

Since she is still working on her profession, she will earn more wealth in the coming future. Beyond that, she hasn’t revealed her car or house.

Who is Zoe Berger boyfriend?

Currently, Zoe is not married, but she is in a relationship.Also, she usually keeps her personal life private, but her twitter account and youtube show she is currently dating D’Angelo Taylor.

As of 2019, her boyfriend Taylor is in San Diego And is a single father to two children from his past relationship. The two first met at a club and soon began dating. Well, the two have been dating for a long time, but have yet to reveal their plans to marry.

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Zoie even uploaded various videos about her boyfriend.exist October 9, 2017she uploaded a video with Taylor, titled Read the mean comments with my boyfriend!

Zoie Burgher and her boyfriend D'Angelo TaylorCaption: Zoe Berg and her boyfriend D’Angelo Taylor Source: Instagram

What’s more, she tweeted about her partner multiple times on her Twitter profile. Well, the couple seem to have a committed relationship with each other. Looking at their posts and videos, they seem to be getting along and have been happily dating for a long time. Besides, they are happily living a happy life.

Beyond that, Berg has not revealed any details about her past affairs or relationships with anyone else. Zoie is straight when it comes to her sexual views, even though she has been involved in a number of controversial situations that have resulted in her being banned from Twitch and Instagram. Fox Network also sued her for using their Zoidberg country coverage.

Fox TV said doing so would create confusion among consumers, who might mistakenly believe Fox TV sponsors or supports her internet affairs.

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Likewise, she is October 2016 Said she was assaulted when she realized her co-YouTuber was secretly filming her nude. Over the next 24 hours, she posted nude photos of herself on her YouTube channel. Her move was criticized by many, dubbed a hypocrite.


  • After college, Zoie Burgher wanted to be famous and wanted to be a social media icon.
  • At the age of 18, she has started to gain a large following on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snap Chat and Twitch.
  • She rose to fame by posting sensual and sweet image and video content on her page.
  • First, she started posting pictures of herself half-naked, attracting a lot of fans who like this kind of stuff.
  • She also poses nude in front of the camera just to impress her fans, and later, she started uploading short nude videos on social media.
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Zoie Burgher, Internet celebrityCaption: Zoie Burgher, Internet Celebrity Source: Instagram

  • Zoie Burgher posted extremely lewd and pornographic content, despite her progress in her pursuit, she was not a slut or a porn queen, her behavior violated the social media privacy policy and resulted in her account being blocked including Twitch It has appeared many times on social media platforms including Instagram.
  • Before deactivating her Twitch account, the young streamer garnered hundreds of thousands or even millions of views on the site.
  • Despite being banned from some social sites, this pretty YouTuber continues to gain so many followers and subscribers on her social media accounts.
  • However, the young Amazonian became Miss Coed Title 2016she actually made it to the final, but unfortunately, she didn’t win the game.
  • Coed competitions have helped Zoie put on a different profile, showcasing her skills in other areas that differ from online nude videos.
  • Zoie Burgher has a YouTube channel where she uploads live twerking videos.
  • She also started a Ladies Gaming Club, where she played a few live games with girls in bikinis and uploaded them to her channel.
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