Suppose you are a student or a parent of a student who may be considering off-campus housing. Some off-campus housing communities are starting to provide all-inclusive options, which are usually the best choice for a student. Off-campus all-inclusive options not only have great amenities that are focused on student living, but they also allow the students to grow into who they are over the years.

All-Inclusive Amenities

If you are looking for apartments near ASU Tempe, you can easily find all-inclusive apartments like SoL. Many of these apartments still have easy access to the campus, so cars are not needed. Off-campus housing not only provides great access to classes, transportation, and delivery services that allow a student to have as little added stress as possible but these communities are usually built around what students need to focus on doing well in school. Some of the student-focused amenities will have to do with easy access to transportation, such as storage for bikes, access to campus buses, or even trolley services to and from off-campus housing. All-inclusive for students also typically includes the utilities for the apartment.


When you rent an apartment in a community, you should have utilities paid for and also access to great Wi-Fi services in the study areas as well as in the apartments for most contracts. Some other amenities for students will probably include a room for studying that includes computers to use and printers. There may also be storage areas, so students can make sure that they maintain a minimalist lifestyle within their living areas. On the weekends, all-inclusive housing may provide you with a nice pool and other community areas so you can socialize or get together with other students in study groups that live in the building.

More Independence

All-inclusive off-campus housing is necessary if you are a student that values being independent. If you work well with a budget and schedule, off-campus housing is ideal for you. You may also thrive in a space that is not shared with others, so you need to get away from all of the noise that happens on campus. Off-campus housing typically matches you with a roommate, or you can rent your own space. Having a roommate can help you with your budget, and you may have more choices when matched to roommates than you do if you stay on-campus.

Strong Social Atmosphere

If you are really independent, then that typically means you will benefit from social events or a social atmosphere that is typical of off-campus housing. You may notice that with this type of housing comes a more intentional social environment, which affords you more privacy and also a more constructed social event space with a calendar of activities. No matter what, you have a great opportunity to find other like-minded students in an atmosphere that has more control over the environment that allows you to thrive socially.

Focus on Health

Most off-campus, all-inclusive student housing will give students access to a 24-hour gym and hot tubs. There is also usually a pool that is open for long hours. When you have unlimited opportunities to exercise and are in an environment that is health positive, then you tend to be a healthier person. These apartments also tend to have kitchens, so you can eat as healthily as you want. You can prepare meals, have groceries delivered, and have plenty of space in your own fridge to buy the items you need to store. Other health benefits include the benefits of having privacy and access to more study space when you need to be alone to focus on your assignments.

Ability to Have Pets

If you have a dog, many off-campus housing options allow pets and also have dog parks nearby. You should also see clean-up stations that are easy to use when taking your dog for a bathroom break. Finally, if you need someone to watch your dog, it is much easier to find someone in off-campus student housing. Many people find that they are mentally healthier when they have pets, so this type of housing is also needed for people who need animal companions.


In the end, offering off-campus housing that is all-inclusive can give students a more structured life while still giving them the benefits of an all-inclusive environment. Student housing off-campus still has many of the benefits of living on-campus, such as social, but also the benefits of having more freedom, health, and privacy!


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