How many of you think that wearing sports glasses is important during any sports activity? Do you think that sports goggles can protect the eyes from any external factor other than the harmful UV rays of the sun? Do sports goggles make a person look smart and stylish?


All your questions have answers. The answers are very simple and would solve all your doubts. Before we step into the use of sports goggles, it is important to note that sunglasses also play a vital role in keeping the eyes safe from the UV rays of the sun and various other factors like sun, wind, rain, dust, and snow. Thus the sunglasses protect the eyes from all these factors. Not only that, the stylish sunglasses for women and men would make them look great.

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Utility of Sports Goggles


Wearing sports glasses is a necessity for all, especially for the ones who are involved in any kind of sports activity. Not only will they make your experience better, but will also protect the eyes from various factors.


Sports goggles are specially made to make the sports experience better and to protect the eyes. Sports goggles are smart and look very stylish. They are no longer only restricted to any sports activity but also act as a fashion accessory.


Breaking the stereotype, wearing glasses has become a very interesting fashion accessory. Wearing different pairs of sports glasses along with different outfits makes the person look different every time. Hence one can choose stylish sports goggles and style with them. The ones who wear prescription glasses can wear sports prescription goggles for a better view and also a better experience of the activity.

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Common Eye Injuries


Sports are undoubtedly enjoyable. But there are various risks while performing sports in our daily lives. We need to be very careful while we are performing the sports. There are common eye injuries that are related to the eyes. We need to take care of them.


These include corneal ulcers, ionising radiation exposure, and blunt or penetrating injuries. Let us see what these injuries are dangerous for our eyes.


Blunt injuries


This injury refers to a sudden compression of the eye at the moment of impact. These injuries are usually caused by tennis balls. elbows, fists, and cricket balls. These sometimes lead to bleeding of the eye. The more damage, the more serious the injury is. This injury can damage the eye structure which results in immediate vision loss in various cases. Thus, protective eyewear and sports glasses are necessary.

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Corneal abrasions


These are the cuts in the outer part of the eyes and are uncomfortable and painful. Though this type of injury heals on its own, it is important to consult an eye doctor and avail of the best possible medication. Corneal abrasions often occur during a basketball game when someone pokes on your eyes accidentally. Thus wearing the right sports glasses can prevent this injury to the eyes.


Penetrating injuries


This injury occurs when sharp objects enter our eyes. If the injury is serious, this can result in vision loss or some kind of eye trauma. Wearing broken glasses, lenses, or any scraps when coming in contact with any other player’s gear might result in a penetrating injury.

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Ionising radiation


Sports glasses also include protection of our eyes from the UV rays of the sun. Radiation injury occurs due to the prolonged exposure of our eyes to the harmful UV rays of the sun. Athletes who are involved in water or snow sports deal with bright glare from the sun, which sometimes results in vision loss and increases the risk of other eye-related problems.


Chemical burns


Various spray paints and powders are used to mark the lines on the track or field. These chemicals might get into the eyes of a player and can cause irritation or some burning sensation in the eyes. Excessive tearing also occurs till the eyes are washed with cool water or any saline solution.

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Protective sports eyewear for different sports


The requirements of sports glasses in different sports are different. This is because the ways of performing the sports are different, and thus the materials for different sports vary. Hence the sports glasses to protect the eyes on the field are different. For example- while playing football, football glasses are required on the field, and while cycling, one should wear cycling glasses and similarly in other sports.


Where to find the right fit?


Well, while talking of the right fit, we find SPECSCART very much suitable. Their sports glasses, ACTICS are perfect for everyday wear and are very comfortable. One will get the pairs with free coatings and also they are very much affordable. All the lenses and the style are different with different tints in the glasses, which makes them suitable for different types of sports. Do get your sports glasses and make your sports more fun.

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