Who are Dalila Muhammad’s parents? olympic athlete family on instagram

Eve EdwardsJuly 31, 2021

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Team USA athlete Dalila Muhammad will compete for gold in the women’s 400-meter hurdles at this year’s Summer Olympics in Tokyo.



At 31, he is already an excellent track and field athlete. Mohammed has a coveted Olympic gold medal, two World Championship gold medals and two World Championship silver medals.

Muhammad broke Yuliya Pechonkina’s 400 million hurdles world record in 2019. Pechokina has held that record since 2003. Muhammad was defeated by US Olympian Sydney McLaughlin this summer on June 27, 2021.

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Dalila Mohammed’s family cheered her on in Tokyo this summer. Now, fans of the athlete are curious about her family and background. let’s see.

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Who are Dalila Muhammad’s parents?

Dalilah Muhammad’s parents are Nadirah and Askia Muhammad from Queens, New York.

Dalilah’s parents were her greatest supporters and literally helped support her so the athlete could achieve her dreams.As Dalila Muhammad said in an article recent interviews: “My parents, they were like, ‘You know what? We’ll give you this year, and we’ll pay all your bills. So, I’m thankful for that, because without it it could be a different story .”

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Her father, Askia, was an imam who led prayers at a local mosque.you can follow him Twitter and Instagram.

Dalilah’s mother, Nadirah, is a child protection specialist.

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Does Dalila Muhammad have a husband?

Olympic athlete Dalila Mohamed does not appear to be married.She made no mention of getting married or having a husband

Judging from Dalila’s appearance Instagram Introduction, currently single.

This is great news for her legion of fans, who often confess their love for her.

I, realize Dalila Muhammad is my age: we should get married.

— Sarah (@mx_her_) July 31, 2021

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Meet other members of the Muhammad family

Nadirah and Askia Muhammad three childrenDalila is the smallest of the trio.

They also have a son, Hassan, who is an Army Sergeant. Dalila has an older sister named Jamila, who is a teacher.

Jamillah and her husband Christopher Garcia have two daughters. Dalila Muhammad regularly posts about her niece on social media.

Check out some of their adorable family photos below.

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