The Unexplainable Things That Happened While Filming The Exorcist

exorcistThis may be the most iconic horror movie ever made. It brought absolute terror to audiences everywhere in the ’70s and ended up being one of the highest-grossing films.quite possibly the scariest part exorcist is the real story behind it. As if the idea that the horror in this movie was real wasn’t enough, events that happened during filming would add a whole layer of horror to it. Many believe that the movie itself is cursed because of these strange events.


Nine cast and crew died before release

Not one, not two, but nine cast and crew died before​​​ exorcist released. The two actors who were scheduled to die on the film will die during the post-production stages of filming. one of the actors, Vassiliki Maliaros, is said to have died of natural causes, although the timing is undoubtedly creepy. another actor, Jack McGoran, died of complications from the flu virus. Seven other members of the cast and crew will die before their release.Not only that, there are many cast and crew, including Linda BlairThe person who played the possessed character Reagan lost his family during this time.This son of jason miller Nearly lost his life in a motorcycle accident during filming. above everything, Paul BatesonShe, playing a nurse, kills a reporter before the film’s release. Despite his confession, he was unable to provide police with the motives that led him to do so.

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an unexplained fire

One of the directors, William Friedkin, received a call alerting him to the fire at the scene. A pigeon flew directly into a circuit box in McNeil’s home, sparking an almost completely destructive fire. While a fire on the set of an exorcism movie is creepy enough, the only room that doesn’t catch fire adds to the horror. The only place the fire seemed to avoid was Reagan’s room, the room of the possessed little girl. The bedroom is where most of the action takes place. Reagan’s room is where exorcism, shaking his head, and other demonic horrors take place. In fact, according to Friedkin, the fire actually started during one of the exorcism scenes. Due to this incident, production will be delayed by six weeks. Understandably, after this, a priest would be brought in to pray for the set.

Ellen Burstyn suffers spinal injury, but not the only one

While filming a scene in the movie, Ellen Burstyn was seriously injured by a random malfunction of her seat belt.exist exorcist, Burstyn plays the mother of the possessed little girl Regan. In one scene, Reagan (Linda Blair) pushes Burstyn to the ground and a seat belt pulls her back. The seat belt failed and pulled too fast, causing Burstyn to land on her tailbone. A strong blow to her tailbone caused permanent spinal cord damage. Her screaming in that scene was real and caused by pain. While working on set, a carpenter lost a finger and a lighting technician lost a toe in separate accidents.Furthermore, after publishing exorcistan audience member passed out in the theater and broke his jaw.

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A dire warning for a movie priest

Jason Miller as Father Callas in exorcist and will be one of the pastors who helped Reagan. During filming, Miller received a creepy warning from a priest who didn’t know his role in the film. As he handed him a medal, he said, “Explore the devil and he’ll get revenge on you, or he’ll even try to stop you from trying to unmask him.” We have to wonder what caused the priest to put this message Pass it on to strangers on the street.

Linda Blair started having a nervous breakdown during filming

Linda Blair was 14 when she got her first major film role. Working conditions on set can be challenging for anyone, especially a young teenager. On-set temperatures will drop below zero. While everyone else was wearing hazmat suits, Blair would wear a thin nightgown. In many scenes, Blair is violently pushed away by the seat belt. Not surprisingly, there were rumors that Linda Blair had a nervous breakdown during filming, a combination of strange things happening on set combined with working conditions.

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