South America is a part of the world where football is lived with a unique passion. Right now, to bet online is easy – is packed with features to wager on matches played on that continent.


One of the most electrifying derbies from this region is the Peruvian Clásico. This is the biggest derby in the country of Peru, and it is contested by Alianza Lima and Universitario. They are the two most important and successful squads in the country. These huge rivalries are great instances to be entertained with but also to wager, and to bet online with 1xBet is easy and quick.

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Both teams are based in the city of Lima, which is the capital of Peru. As such, most football fans in that city support one team or the other.

History of the derby

As it happens with many other derbies around the world, the Peruvian Clásico can also trace its origins to social differences within the country. Both squads were founded in the early 20th century. Universitario was more associated with the upper classes of the nation, while Alianza Lima is seen as representing the working classes. These two teams can produce great matches, and the website is definitely the best location to wager on them.

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Both teams played against each other for the first time on the 23rd of September 1928. Curiously, the match didn’t finish due to incidents between players and fans. During the second half, the Uruguayan referee decided to send off five players from Alianza Lima. Of course, fans of the team didn’t exactly agree with the decisions of the official. The 1xBet online bookmaker also has great opportunities to wager on multiple decisions taken by referees during matches.

An even derby

Alianza Lima has a slight edge over Universitario when looking at their face-to-face statistics. However, whenever they play against each other, it is practically impossible to precisely guess who will win the match in question. You can now use your smartphone or tablet and visit to start wagering on these derbies at any moment.

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There have been a few players who have played for both squads during different points of their careers. Examples include:


  • Roberto Villamarín;
  • Christian Ramos;
  • Aldo Corzo;
  • Alejandro Hohnberg;
  • and Alberto Rodríguez.


The case of Alejandro Hohberg is quite interesting. He played for the three biggest teams in Peru, which are Alianza Lima, Universitario and Sporting Cristal in a period of five years. All these teams are available for wagering through the 1xBet online bookmaker.

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