The Rise of Traianos Dellas: From Striker to World Cup Hero

When Traianos Dellas was born in 1976, little did anyone know that the Greek boy from Thessaloniki would grow up to become a national hero. This is his story.


Football has always been a passion in Dellas’ family. His father was a semi-professional player, and his older brother Panayiotis played professionally in Greece. It was only natural for Traianos to follow in their footsteps. He started playing with local club Panathinaikos Iraklis at the age of 10, and by 1996, he was playing for the senior team.

From Striker to Defender

Dellas started his football career as a striker, but Panathinaikos Iraklis coach Ilias Atmatsidis quickly noticed his defensive skills and converted him to a center-back. Dellas was not convinced at first, but he soon discovered that he had a natural talent for defending, and he fell in love with the position.

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The Journey to the World Cup

Dellas’ career took off in 2001 when he moved to AEK Athens and won the Greek championship with them twice. In 2004, he was selected to play for Greece in the European Championship, and he was a key player in their stunning victory. The following year, Dellas moved overseas to play for Italian club AS Roma, but his biggest moment was still to come.

The World Cup Hero

In 2004, Greece had shocked the world by winning the European Championship, but no one expected them to do well in the World Cup the following year. However, under the leadership of coach Otto Rehhagel, Greece defied all expectations and reached the knockout stages of the tournament.

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In the quarterfinal match against France, Dellas scored a golden goal in extra time to send Greece to the semifinals. It was a moment of pure joy for the Greek nation, and Dellas became an instant hero.

Retirement and Coaching Career

Dellas retired from international football in 2008, and from club football in 2012. However, he did not leave the game entirely, as he moved into coaching. He started as an assistant coach for AEK Athens, and then became the head coach of Greek club Atromitos FC.


Q: What position did Dellas play in the World Cup?
A: Dellas played as a center-back in the World Cup.

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Q: How did Dellas become a hero?
A: Dellas scored a golden goal in extra time in the quarterfinals of the World Cup, sending Greece to the semifinals.

Q: Did Dellas play for any other teams besides Panathinaikos Iraklis and AEK Athens?
A: Yes, he also played for AS Roma in Italy.

Q: When did Dellas retire from international football?
A: Dellas retired from international football in 2008.

Q: Did Dellas win any championships?
A: Yes, he won the Greek championship twice with AEK Athens.

Q: What is Dellas doing now?
A: Dellas is currently the head coach of Greek club Atromitos FC.

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Q: What was Dellas’ biggest moment in football?
A: Dellas’ biggest moment was scoring the golden goal in extra time in the World Cup quarterfinals.


Traianos Dellas’ rise to fame may not have been expected, but it was well-deserved. He worked hard to become a top-class defender and played a crucial role in Greece’s remarkable victories in the European Championship and the World Cup. Dellas will always be remembered as a national hero, and his contribution to Greek football will not be forgotten.

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