The Musical Journey of Porl Thompson: From The Cure to Side Projects

Porl Thompson is an English musician who is widely known for his contribution to the iconic band, The Cure. Shrouded in mystery, Thompson is a fascinating character known for his versatile and creative music skills. From his early days as a teenager in the punk scene to his extensive work with The Cure and his various side projects, Porl Thompson has gone on a thrilling musical journey. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at his life and music career.


Porl Thompson is a versatile and talented musician who has made a significant impact on the music industry. Over the years, he has been part of several successful bands and created great music. He has been an essential member of The Cure and has also worked on several side projects, cementing his legacy as a vital contributor to the music industry.

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Section 1- Early Life and Career

Porl Thompson was born on November 8th, 1957, in Surrey, England, and grew up in a musical family. At the age of 14, he formed his first band known as “Crisis.” The band was heavily influenced by punk rock, a genre that was just getting started in England. Thompson soon became obsessed with punk rock, and his band would perform at local gigs.

Section 2- Joining The Cure

In 1983, Porl Thompson was invited to join The Cure during their Japanese tour. Thompson, who had previously played with other bands, was quite surprised and excited to join them. He went on to become a crucial part of the band, working with them for several years.

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Section 3- The Early Years with The Cure

Porl Thompson’s early years with The Cure were influential in shaping the band’s sound. He was known for his exceptional guitar playing skills and brought a fresh perspective to the band’s music. Some of their most significant achievements during this period were the albums “The Top” and “The Head on the Door.”

Section 4- Talented Multi-Instrumentalist

Porl Thompson’s talent was not limited to the guitar; he was also an excellent saxophone and keyboard player. He played the saxophone in several of The Cure’s songs, adding a unique flavor to their music. His multi-instrumentalist abilities were a significant contribution to the band’s sound.

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Section 5- Leaving The Cure

After a decade with The Cure, Porl Thompson parted ways with the band in 1993 to pursue other musical interests. He left on good terms and continued to collaborate with them over the years.

Section 6- Side Projects

Porl Thompson’s departure from The Cure allowed him to focus on his side projects. He formed the band “Imitation of Christ,” which had a unique sound of its own. In 2002, he joined forces with other musicians to form “Cult Hero.”

Section 7- Working With Other Musicians

Porl Thompson worked with several musicians during his career, including David Bowie and Robert Plant. His collaborations allowed him to explore different avenues of music, and he brought his own unique sound to each project he worked on.

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Section 8- Porl Thompson Today

Porl Thompson continues to mesmerize audiences with his music today. He has worked on several side projects and continues to explore different genres. He is a true artist who has left a lasting impression on the music industry.


1. What was Porl Thompson’s first band?
Ans. Porl Thompson’s first band was “Crisis,” which he formed when he was 14 years old.

2. Which albums did Porl Thompson work on with The Cure?
Ans. Porl Thompson worked on several albums with The Cure, including “The Top” and “The Head on the Door.”

3. What instruments does Porl Thompson play?
Ans. Porl Thompson is a talented multi-instrumentalist, known for his guitar, saxophone, and keyboard playing skills.

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4. Why did Porl Thompson leave The Cure?
Ans. Porl Thompson left The Cure in 1993 to pursue other musical interests.

5. What were Porl Thompson’s side projects?
Ans. Porl Thompson worked on several side projects, including the band “Imitation of Christ” and “Cult Hero.”

6. Which musicians has Porl Thompson collaborated with?
Ans. Porl Thompson has collaborated with several musicians, including David Bowie and Robert Plant.

7. What is Porl Thompson doing now?
Ans. Porl Thompson continues to work on his music and explore different genres.


Porl Thompson has had an incredible musical journey, from his early punk rock days to his extensive work with The Cure and side projects. He is a talented multi-instrumentalist and a true artist who has left a legacy in the music industry. His collaborations with other musicians and exploration of different genres have been an inspiration to many. We look forward to hearing more of his music in the future.

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