A logo is something a person encounters for the first time, which may later pass into the category of customers or clients of a particular company.

Why is a logo important?

Many entrepreneurs ask themselves this question. At the beginning of the business journey, we try to save money and take care only about the most important things, such as buying a company seal. However, we should not neglect the logo, which significantly affects the success of the company, encouraging or discouraging customers to buy. After all, the right image is created in many areas at once-it’s not just the right head office, website, or team of good people. If we are not recognizable, we will quickly get lost in the maze of other, similar businesses.

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A professional logo creates a company’s image. It determines whether a potential customer will remember it and associate it positively or negatively on first contact. A well-designed logo should not only reflect (or imply) the core profile of the business, but also convey the right emotion, principles or values of the company. It is worth looking at the logos of famous brands – they are meant to show aggressiveness, safety or lightness and cheerfulness. They often affect us subconsciously because we rarely have time to analyze their hidden meaning.

Company logos help gain customer commitment and loyalty. If we create an appropriate symbol and logo for our brand and then use them correctly and often, it will become memorable for a long time. It is often the case that we associate the colors of the logo, its appearance, and then the products or services offered with the name of a particular company. Most of us are visualists, who remember even the simplest signs better than complex names. By the way, we tend to go back to our favorite brands, which are not necessarily the best, but they are familiar to us and we are subconsciously attached to them.

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The logo is a great marketing tool. We can use it on business cards, flyers or on the website, making it more quickly remembered by potential customers. A well-designed logo can even be one of the main reasons to sell a given service or product. Obviously, this applies to large companies, but don’t underestimate its effectiveness. A logo can be associated not only with products, but also with famous actors, athletes, bloggers or celebrities, who voluntarily or involuntarily give it a piece of their charisma.

The logo attracts the attention of customers. If our products or services are marked with it, it will be easier for a potential customer to find us among hundreds of similar brands. When our competitors have a weak or non-existent logo, we attract the attention of the customer from the start, who is attracted by an interesting graphic form or typography.

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Finally, the obvious, the company logo is the standard and influences whether we are perceived as professionals or amateurs in our field. While it is “just” a sign that may seem unnecessary, in the world of brands it is an indicator of our approach. If we understand the consumer and want to provide them with easy recognition, the right aesthetic experience or the character of our company, sooner or later we have to take care of it.

That’s why it’s crucial to create a logo, yes one that catches the eye in the blink of an eye. Such options are just the logos in the form of triangles.

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Popular triangular logos

Ornaments with this simple figure are among the first to appear in the earliest examples of writing. For the Egyptians, the sign displayed spiritual will, love, and higher intelligence. A prime example of this is the famous Egyptian pyramids.

When creating a triangular logo, professionals insist that simple shapes are easier for the human brain to digest and easier to remember. Companies that choose the triangle as their distinctive mark subconsciously speak of their steadfastness and constant growth. The figure is universal – the badge can be seen in both light industry and heavy industry, in the army and in IT-technology.

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Let’s take a look at a few companies that follow popularity and create triangle-shaped logos for their brands:

Qantas – One of Australia’s largest airlines, which proudly wears a red triangular logo with a kangaroo inside.

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