Basketball has produced some of the greatest athletes in the world. Among them, many legends have made their names immortal in the history of basketball. Jo Jo White was one of the greatest basketball players who played for the Boston Celtics in the NBA. He was a six-time NBA All-Star and two-time NBA champion, displaying an outstanding performance in every game he played. His exceptional skills, teamwork, and commitment to the game made him a basketball royalty. Let’s know more about the life and legacy of this great athlete and how he kept inspiring generations of basketball players.

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Early Life and Career

Joseph Henry White, also known as Jo Jo White, was born on November 16, 1946, in St. Louis, Missouri. Being an all-round athlete, he played basketball, football, and baseball in his junior and high school years. During his college years, he played college basketball at the University of Kansas. In 1968, Jo Jo was drafted as the 9th overall pick in the NBA draft by the Boston Celtics. In his rookie year, he was named to the NBA All-Rookie Team. He made his mark on the league as a scoring guard, averaging 17.2 points per game.

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Jo Jo White’s Game

Jo Jo White’s game was a combination of speed, agility, and skillful ball handling. He was known for his relentless hustle on the floor and his excellent shooting and playmaking abilities. He could drive to the basket and finish effortlessly or take a jumper from range. He was a scorer who could shoot mid-range or beyond the arc, making him difficult to defend. Along with his scoring, Jo Jo White was also a gifted defender, registering around two steals per game.

Jo Jo White’s Legacy

During his career, Jo Jo White played 841 regular-season games and scored over 14,000 points. He was a two-time NBA champion, winning in 1974 and 1976 with the Boston Celtics. He also won an Olympic gold medal in 1968. Jo Jo White was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2015, joining the likes of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird.

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Jo Jo White’s Contribution to the Celtics

Jo Jo White played 10 seasons with the Boston Celtics, contributing immensely to their success. He was a key player in the team, helping the Celtics win two championships in 1974 and 1976. In 1976, Jo Jo White was named NBA Finals MVP, as he led the team to a six-game series win against the Phoenix Suns. White contributed 33 points and nine assists in a pivotal Game 5 to keep the Celtics in series, followed by a 26-point performance in the series clinching Game 6.

Jo Jo White’s Character and Leadership

Jo Jo White was highly respected by teammates, coaches, and basketball fans alike for his character and leadership on and off the court. He was known for his mental toughness, professionalism, and discipline, earning him the nickname “Quiet Warrior.” Jo Jo White’s leadership skills were demonstrated off the court when he stepped up as President of the NBA Players Association in 1980, creating a significant dent in creating stronger bargaining rights and securing better contracts for his fellow players.

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Jo Jo White’s Death and Legacy

Sadly, Jo Jo White passed away due to cancer on January 16, 2018, at the age of 71. His death shook the basketball community worldwide, many of whom left touching tributes honoring the life of the Boston Celtics legend. Jo Jo White’s legacy continues to inspire and influence generations of basketball players worldwide, and his exceptional skill and dedication to the game will always be remembered.


Q. What was Jo Jo White’s middle name?
A. Jo Jo White’s middle name is Henry.

Q. How many championships did Jo Jo White win in his career?
A. Jo Jo White won two NBA championships with the Boston Celtics in 1974 and 1976.

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Q. What position did Jo Jo White play?
A. Jo Jo White played as a scoring guard in the NBA.

Q. What was Jo Jo White’s career scoring average?
A. Jo Jo White averaged around 17.2 points per game during his NBA career.

Q. What was Jo Jo White’s nickname?
A. Jo Jo White was often referred to as the “Quiet Warrior” due to his mental toughness and on-court demeanor.

Q. Which famous basketball players did Jo Jo White play alongside during his career?
A. Jo Jo White played alongside basketball legends like Larry Bird and Bill Russell during his NBA career.

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Q. What was Jo Jo White’s biggest career achievement?
A. Jo Jo White’s biggest career achievement was winning the NBA Finals MVP award in 1976.


Jo Jo White was an integral part of the Boston Celtics, and his leadership and skill on and off the court helped shape the NBA we know today. Despite the loss of such a great legend, Jo Jo White will always remain an inspiration to basketball players across the globe. His legacy will forever live on in the hearts and minds of basketball fans, and his contributions to the game will always be remembered. In honor of Jo Jo White, let us learn from his dedication and commitment to his craft and strive to keep his legacy alive. Who knows, maybe one day, we can be the next Jo Jo White.

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