The first 5 seasons of Big Brother (USA)

When it comes to reality competition shows, everyone has their own preferences; survivor, amazing gameeven American idol and sound Eligibility for this broad category.But in terms of sheer mental and physical battles between rivals, nothing is more interesting big brother. The Dutch competition programme, which started in 1999, has now expanded to more than 62 different iterations within the globe. As an American, I’ve been exposed to the Julie Chen-hosted version, which recently wrapped up its 23rd season in the fall of 2021. Not all of the show’s 23 seasons are memorable — “Big Brother 9” and “Big Brother 22: All-Stars” come to mind — but over the years there have been a few seasons with game-changing antics and pure entertainment Aspects have stood the test of time. This is the first 5 seasons of Big Brother America.

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Big Brother 10 (2008)

Back in the summer of 2008, after years of game-changing twists and turns, the production team on the series decided to get everything back to basics—and the results were stunning. In a season that only lasted 71 days, the 10th issue of America’s Big Brother managed to gather the most dynamic and explosive roster to date.From now-legendary Dan Quisling to underrated criminal Libra Thompson and Keesha Smith – one of the series’ best dynamic duos – each contributed a memorable moment to the show’s legacy during this short but dynamic season. In addition to laughing at times, this season has also showcased the players’ ruthless gameplay — and no one’s playing it safe for Instagram followers. This season is also one of the most intense and dramatic, memorable, with arguments that seem to break out every day. Keesha’s Birthday, Memphis vs. Jerry, Dan vs. Ollie, Michelle and April vs. Libra and Keesha, Libra vs. Michelle, Rinse, Repeat. Really the best.

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Big Brother 7: All-Star (2006)

Back in 2006, BB US aired the first season of the All-Star Game, and some of the best players from the previous 6 seasons (and Chick George) returned. The result is Big Brother America’s best moment in terms of strategy and overall gaming. Seeing the excitement of legends like Dr. Will, Danielle, Marcellas, Mike Malin, Jase, Alison, Erika, James Rhine and Diane Henry, it’s worth waiting for a returning player season. But in the midst of it all, it was Janelle Pierzina who created the game strategy that came to be known as “comp beast.” You can’t just win a BB in a race, but her finisher-like dominance in almost every race is amazing – even if she’s (again) finishing third. But in terms of strategy and psychological manipulation, Dr. Weir stole the season again despite finishing fourth.

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Big Brother 3 (2002)

The first season of Big Brother was a complete experiment – America Evicts Weekly Tenants. BB 2 established a competitive position, and Big Brother 3 was the first season of all-out, backstabbed, competitive gameplay. What a wonderful season it was. Danielle Reyes tops the list of the best BB players who have never won, her skillful strategic moves, subtle and subtle maneuvering, and ruthless intent to win at all costs can never be replicated. Danielle’s quiet and wholesome sidekick Jason, Marcellas’ witty and comedic talent, Josh’s meanness, Amy’s sharp-but-cute Southern beauty routine, Gerry’s overall awkwardness…this An actor from another era. This season is the first to feature Veto, although Veto as we know it now doesn’t roll out until the end of the season. To this day, Marcellas has decided not to save BB’s notoriety from the block.

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Big Brother 6 (2005)

Big Brother 6 was in many ways the first season to split the house into two camps: The Nerd Crowd and the Sovereign Six. Depending on your character traits, it’s not uncommon to spot shortcomings and come to terms with either side of the house. The gameplay this season has been excellent and sought-after. The power flips back and forth between the two sides every week, which is very enjoyable. Janelle completes her intro with superb comic relief and gameplay in the Sovereign Six in this season’s intro, but the more subtle, strategic (and very underrated) Maggie of the nerd swarm this season Always occupied the winner’s position.

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Big Brother 16 (2014)

In the summer of 2014, “Big Brother 16” began airing, and this season will be a turning point in BB’s gameplay and casting dynamics. Not everyone likes this part, to be honest I kind of agree with the critics who claim it ruins the game forever, but this season has had some incredible moments and gameplay not seen since the best moments of BB in the 2000s . In many ways, it’s this season’s cast that makes it a reality. Derrick’s sheer domination of the brand and the season is amazing because it exposes the innocence of the rest of the cast. Of course, who can forget Frankie Grande…

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Honorable Mention: Big Brother 2 (2001)

BB 2 aired in the summer of 2001 and included exciting moments capturing tenants’ reactions to the 9/11 attacks, and in many ways, BB 2 was the beginning of it all. Last summer’s BB1 was non-competitive, but set a precedent with the introduction of head-of-household competition and the weekly eviction of tenants in part two. There is no “veto” this season, and honestly, the weekly head-of-house contest is ridiculous, but the new gameplay inspires the art of strategy and manipulation, with this season’s winner Dr. Will Kirby as lead designer BB Games Destruction – all without winning a game. Some moments this season can be a drag due to limited gameplay, but the vibrant set of characters is fascinating. Never leave your toothbrush in a room full of strangers.

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