When we hear the name Reagan, we instantly think of Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States. But did you know that he had a son named Michael Reagan, who lived a fascinating life full of ups and downs? Michael has had an exciting career as an American political commentator and former radio talk show host. In this post, we will take a deep dive into Michael Reagan’s life and legacy and learn about his achievements and setbacks.

Early Life and Upbringing

Michael Reagan was born in California in 1945 to Ronald Reagan and his first wife, Jane Wyman. Unfortunately, his parents got a divorce when he was just three years old, and his mother won custody of him and his sister. Growing up, Michael struggled with dyslexia, which made it challenging for him to read and write. However, he overcame the condition and graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science.

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Career in the Military

Michael joined the United States Marine Corps in 1965 and served for three years before being discharged. During his time in the military, he developed an interest in politics and began attending political events to learn more about the subject.

Marriage and Family

Michael has been married twice; his first marriage was to Linda Reagan, with whom he had two children. After their divorce, he got married to Colleen Sterns, and they have one child together. Today, Michael is a proud grandfather of four and enjoys spending time with his family.

Political and Media Career

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Michael Reagan worked as a political consultant in the early 1980s and later became a political commentator and radio talk show host. He was a frequent contributor to Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC and served as the President of The Reagan Legacy Foundation. He has also authored books and columns, expressing his views on American politics.

Personal Struggles

Even though Michael has achieved remarkable success in his life, he has also faced personal struggles. In 1971, he was in a severe motorcycle accident that almost ended his life. He also suffered from addiction to alcohol and was arrested for drunk driving in 1991. However, he overcame his addiction and has been a vocal advocate for sobriety.

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Michael Reagan has been actively involved in philanthropic activities throughout his life. He has supported many organizations dedicated to helping military veterans, particularly those suffering from PTSD. He is also a passionate advocate for anti-bullying campaigns and has worked with several organizations to make schools a safer place for students.


Q1. Who is Michael Reagan?

A1. Michael Reagan is the son of Ronald Reagan and was born in California in 1945.

Q2. What did Michael Reagan do in the military?

A2. Michael Reagan served in the United States Marine Corps for three years and was discharged in 1968.

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Q3. What is Michael Reagan’s career?

A3. Michael Reagan is an American political commentator, radio talk show host, and author.

Q4. What personal struggles has Michael Reagan faced?

A4. Michael Reagan has faced addiction to alcohol and was arrested for drunk driving in 1991.

Q5. What philanthropic activities is Michael Reagan involved in?

A5. Michael Reagan supports organizations that help military veterans and promotes anti-bullying campaigns.

Q6. What is the Reagan Legacy Foundation?

A6. The Reagan Legacy Foundation is an organization founded by Michael Reagan to preserve the legacy of his father, Ronald Reagan.

Q7. How many children does Michael Reagan have?

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A7. Michael Reagan has three children, two from his first marriage and one from his second marriage.


Michael Reagan has lived a fascinating life, full of accomplishments and obstacles. From overcoming dyslexia to serving in the military, he has made a name for himself in American politics. His personal struggles with addiction and arrests have made him a vocal advocate for sobriety. He is deeply committed to philanthropic activities and is a passionate advocate for causes close to his heart. His life and legacy are an inspiration to many, and we can all learn from his journey.

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