Is it worth the effort of getting a new pro comp suspension? Honestly, upgrading your suspension comes with a variety of benefits. Even better, there are many ways to go about it, ensuring you can customize your vehicle to your needs.

Why Upgrade Your Truck’s Suspension?

Even if your vehicle is brand-new, it can still benefit from suspension upgrades, especially if you plan to go off-road. Factory parts are fine, but they don’t provide the same level of personalization. When you choose your own parts, you get a vehicle that rides just how you want it to.

Increased Safety

First and foremost, a good suspension means safer driving. Otherwise, you can struggle to control your vehicle and even risk rolling.

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Improved Comfort

The suspension absorbs bumps that naturally occur from traveling down a road at high speed. As a result, having a high-quality suspension is essential for a comfortable ride. 

Better Performance

Once you replace your suspension, you’ll notice better performance in your vehicle. This factor is especially important if you race since even a slight performance improvement can give you an edge.

Improved Braking

A good suspension evenly distributes energy, so it makes sense that an upgraded vehicle will break better. If your brakes are in great shape, but you’re still not stopping as quickly as you want, you should consider getting higher-quality suspension parts.

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Improved Control

Higher-quality suspensions help you control your truck. You’ll notice increased responsiveness, which is essential when you’re drifting or off-roading. Even if you’re just commuting, having precise control over your vehicle means a safer journey.

What Are Your Upgrade Options?

Now that you’ve decided to buy King suspension parts or another reliable brand, what should you look for? It all depends on what you want out of your truck and how much you’re willing to spend. To get you started, here are some of the most common options.

Air Suspension

Air suspensions use air pressure in place of traditional springs. They’re a great choice if you want the following:

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Ability to haul heavier loads

Ability to raise the suspension whenever you want

Smooth ride on the highway

Wheels and Tires

Did you know the quality of your wheels and tires has a significant impact on the comfort of your ride? If you want to complement the work done by your upgraded suspension, get lighter wheels and higher grade tires.

Strut Bearings

There are a wide variety of strut bearings on the market, making them easy to customize. Strut bearings are the joints of your vehicle, as they connect your suspension to the body. If you upgrade your springs but don’t touch the strut bearings, you’re only half upgraded.

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If you don’t want an air suspension, you still have replacement options. For example, coilovers utilize traditional springs but offer improved performance.


“Ride-adjusting” shocks are an excellent solution to sagging. These parts pick up the slack during rough rides, so you don’t hit your bumper on big bumps.

Now that you know what’s out there, it’s time to purchase your upgrades. With reliable parts from ProComp or King, you’re sure to get a smoother ride and plenty of control for off-roading.

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