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Cars have come a long way since they were first invented, and any car you buy today, even a base model from some series, will be fully equipped with advanced features and technologies. Lexus is one of many automakers responsible for several automotive innovations over the years – in 2002, the premium brand introduced LED headlamps to the automotive world – worn by the LS 600h. Ten years later, in 2012, the Lexus LS debuted high-beam LED headlights.Now, almost ten years later, 2020 Lexus RX SUV Equipped with the groundbreaking BladeScan adaptive headlight system. These are the inventions and innovations that will define the future of the automotive world, so without further ado, here are some other interesting automotive technologies of our time as well as some other brands and their groundbreaking automotive innovations.

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Five modern car technologies

There is an almost limitless amount of car-specific technology and innovations out there, so we’ll just list a few of the new additions here:

  • BladeScan adaptive headlight system – although initially introduced with the RX, soon all Lexus SUV models And other vehicles will come standard with an all-new Blade Scan adaptive headlight system. The system simply improves the lighting accuracy of LED high beams to make specific hard-to-see areas, such as curbs, pedestrians, obstacles and distant road signs, easier to see and at greater distances.
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  • Blind Spot Information – Volvo’s first use of Blind Spot Information, a technology that uses cameras or sensors in the car’s side mirrors to sense cars in the blind spot behind the driver. If there are cars in these blind spots, the system will alert the driver with visual and/or audible cues. This has become a very nifty addition, especially for larger vehicles like pickup trucks and crossover SUVs.
  • Lane Keeping Assist – Automation and driver assistance technologies have been in the spotlight across the automotive industry and the media. Lane Keeping Assist is an automatic feature that can be activated when required. It uses the car’s steering and braking, as well as some sensors, to automatically keep the car in the center of the road’s lane.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot – With the integration of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphones, Wi-Fi hotspot functionality is also starting to become a staple in most modern cars. It allows multiple devices to connect to the internet at once and helps people stay connected even in low signal areas.
  • Voice Recognition – With how many car crashes are caused by drivers being distracted by their phones, voice recognition technology will soon become the standard. The software allows the driver to verbally issue vehicle commands, from answering wired calls to activating vehicle functions such as cruise control. Back-up cameras have become a mandatory feature on all new cars produced since 2018 in the US, so we’re sure anything that improves car safety will follow suit.
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Invention of a specific brand of vehicle

Below are some of the vehicle technology inventions for which specific brands have been recognized or patented. Most, if not all, inventions and innovations are conceived by specific individuals working in the automotive, engineering, and scientific fields, but these are the credits of the brand itself, some are exclusive to the brand’s own models, and some have become staples Products in all modern cars.

  • Mercedes-Benz – Distronic Adaptive Cruise Control. Anti-lock braking system.
  • Audi – Matrix laser LED headlights.
  • Citroen – Mechanical disc brakes.
  • General Motors – Air Restraint System (Airbag).
  • Volvo – Three-point seat belt, including middle rear seat. Side impact protection system.
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Move forward

Automakers have long focused on the performance and design aspects of things. However, for now and in the future, electric vehicle technology and autonomous driving are the focus of the automotive world. It encapsulates battery and charging station technology as well as cameras, sonar, radar and other sensing technologies. It’s all about making transportation more eco-friendly by switching from combustion engines and fuel economy to electricity and zero emissions. It’s an exciting time in the automotive world, and there’s a lot to look forward to in the future.

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