When most people think of PDFs, their first thought might be those hard-to-work with files that I can’t write on or some form you have too full out. While you will encounter forms in the form of a PDF, that is not their only use. PDFs do not have to be bland or boring and can even have many images and pictures. That is because PDFs are in fact images. As an image file, it makes them very easy and malleable when it comes to editing and changing. One of the neat things we can do with a PDF is you can actually merge it with other PDFs or even other image files such as a jpeg. Although it is an easy thing to do, you will need some things in order to do it. The main thing I will need is a PDF editor.

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The only way to work with PDFs is through a PDF editor. They can come in online or offline versions, but to edit or do anything with PDFs, you will certainly need a PDF editor. PDF editors come with many tools that can help you edit and manage your PDF. While editing is their primary purpose, with a PDF editor, you can also merge PDFs, split PDFs, compress them, scan them, leave comments, and a multitude of other things that are not possible with traditional documentation types such as a Microsoft Word document. One of the aforementioned tools, the merge PDF tool, can be used to merge two or more PDFs together, but what many people do not know is that this can also be done with a simple jpeg file. You might want to do this for a few reasons, such as if there is a picture you want as a cover for your PDF or maybe a company logo you would like added to a PDF presentation. Being able to do this will open a lot of doors, but how exactly do you merge a PDF with a jpeg?

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What to Know Before You Start


Before you start, there are a few things to know. Firstly, make sure the image file you want to merge is in the right form. Some files might be saved under a different file type. Do not worry though if it is not, it is a simple matter of saving it as a jpeg and you are good to go. Aside from this, before you merge your PDF with the jpeg, plan what you will do with it. Do you plan on just merging it and leaving it there, or does it need to go to some particular place? What size should it be? These are just some things to think about before you merge your documents together.

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How to Merge JPG Files into One PDF with a PDF Editor (Recommended)


The actual process of merging a PDF with a jpeg is rather straightforward when you are using a PDF editor. The process might be slightly different depending on which PDF editor you are using; however, if you are using Lumin PDF or another PDF editor the process only requires that you go to your tools tab and find the option to merge. After selecting the merge PDF option. You will be given the option of merging a file with the current PDF you have open. All you have to do from there is select the jpeg and it will automatically be merged.

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How to Merge JPG Files into One PDF with Adobe Acrobat DC


To merge a PDF and a Jpeg together using Adobe Acrobat is a very similar process. If you have Adobe Acrobat, the first thing you will need to do is open the file using the program. After this Adobe Acrobat has a list of tools and there you will see the merge option. With the merge option chosen you will again be prompted to select a file to merge. The only difference is that Adobe offers some additional tools for what to do with the file and where to place it within the PDF.

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How to Merge JPG Files into One PDF in Windows


While it is possible to merge a PDF and a jpeg using windows, it is not particularly the best option available to you. You can actually use Microsoft’s print tool to combine PDFs and jpegs into a common image and then save it, but sadly there are limited options in addition to the simple fact that you can merge them. You will have more options if you use another program that offers more features to do this.


How to Merge JPG images into One PDF with Preview (Mac)


Apple is always being innovative and now they have a great PDF editor for the Mac. By using Mac preview, you can edit PDFs on your Mac device. If you want to merge PDFs or a PDF with a jpeg, you should do the following. Go to view, then select Thumbnails. Here you will be given the option to choose another document. This can be either a PDF or a jpeg, if it is a PDF there will be some additional options but for using a jpeg it is rather simple. From there you can manage the image that you have merged with your PDF.

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How to Save Multiple Images as one JPG


The process of saving multiple images in a PDF as a jpeg is also not hard. The main thing that you need to do first is organize your files in such a way that they are all easily accessible at once. The best way to do this in my opinion is to merge the jpegs together as one using one of the PDF editors mentioned above. This way you will have all the images saved into one PDF file. After this, it is a simple matter of converting the PDF file into a jpeg by saving your PDF as one or by using a conversion tool.

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