Customer Support Definition

As technology has transformed, so have we, and so have consumer expectations.

For example, we no longer wait in the rain for a taxi to pass; we request an Uber or a Cabify.

We do not settle for a 9 to 5 pm schedule to make a complaint or express our dissatisfaction.

And we wait for a response to our comment in the time it took us to prepare a coffee.

We tweet, message, and email companies to express praise or, more often, dissatisfaction within a 24-hour cycle.

If you want to offer a pleasant customer support, you must understand this new availability and accessibility rules in customer service.

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Additionally, it would help if you held the new and different stages, tactics, and entry points available to engage your users.

4 concepts to get you started for Customer Support

1. Be available

  • Currently, the standard is 24-hour accessibility. Employees answer emails on the bus and listen to conference calls while they cook dinner.
  • And also, we expect the same flexibility and availability from the companies we work.
  • The strongest approach is to invest in a team that can work across time zones and responds quickly to customer inquiries with problem-solving knowledge.
  • If you don’t have international resources, there are tools to do it. Identify resources for updating and managing the customer experience – Setting up an automated callback organization is one way to get ahead of client blocking.
  • Instead of waiting, callers can join a queue, then hang up and receive a call when the customer service team is ready. Chatbot write for us or live chat features can also make the experience better and faster,
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2. Be surprisingly easy

  • We’ve all experienced a frustrating interaction in some customer service system at some time.
  • Have you ever had to go to manifold platforms (an app, a website, and a call center) to get a question answered?
  • Have you ever had to repeat a message multiple times on a mindless, automated voice machine that couldn’t appreciate you?
  • It friction gives users a markedly negative perception of the company, product, or service.
  • Consumers crave for ease, so make it a priority when developing your customer experience.

3. Maintain confidentiality

  • Experts have sounded the alarms about data privacy for a long time.
  • Research shows that 69% of consumers are concerned about security and privacy, and 68% no longer trust brands to handle their personal information properly.
  • Many companies are prioritizing privacy and creating user experiences to meet this requirement.
  • For example, Apple has always been at the forefront in this regard, enacting multiple strong privacy measures over the years.
  • In 2016, the company rejected the FBI’s demands to unlock an iPhone, showing fear that this would open the locks for the government to request access to more devices.
  • More recently, Apple announced that all apps must maintain a privacy policy to appear on the company’s App Store.
  • A bold move that demonstrates a commitment to privacy and raises the bar by forcing all partner companies to comply.
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4. Invest in your clients

  • Gaining a new customer outlays seven times more than maintaining an existing one, so companies must invest and prioritize existing customers.
  • Some of the most successful and unruly companies on the planet understand this and obsess over every detail of the customer knowledge.
  • These companies have contained the evolution of the customer knowledge, and that is why they are powerful.
  • They retain customers, save money, generate revenue, and prosper because they consistently provide their customers with an accessible, streamlined, and secure experience.
  • With this attitude and a strong commitment to the customer experience, any business can achieve the same.
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