Victoria Pedretti’s Hollywood career began in a big way with Netflix horror super-hit The Haunting of Hill House, but it was her turn in another binge-tastic show from the streaming giant that elevated the actress to another level.

Moreover, How old is love from You in real life?

Victoria Pedretti – Love Quinn



In real life, Victoria Pedretti is only 26! That means there’s an eight year age gap with her and on-screen husband, Penn. Love Quinn is thought to be in her mid to late 20s in the show.

In this regard Did Victoria Pedretti delete Instagram? Is she on social media? Although she doesn’t have an official Twitter account, Pedretti does have a verified Instagram account (@then0t0ri0usvip). As of right now, she has deleted all of her posts and the only thing remaining is a video promoting the latest season of You.

Does Love sleep with Theo? Viewers were more than a little shocked to find out that Love Quinn has a sexual affair with next door neighbour Theo in You season 3. Shocked not only because she’s now married to Joe and the two share a baby boy, but shocked also because of their on-screen age difference.

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Additionally, What book is You based on? The short answer is yes, the show is based on a series of novels by Caroline Kepnes, whose first book, You, was originally published back in 2014. Kepnes has released three novels in the series so far, with the original followed up by Hidden Bodies in 2016 and You Love Me in 2021.

Are Theo and Love dating in real life?

It turns out that Love and Theo may be headed to a happy ending in real life! Pedretti and Arnold have been rumored to be dating since the season dropped, and they’ve been spotted hanging out and running errands together in LA. A source has also told Entertainment Tonight that the actors are an item.

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Why does Victoria Pedretti not have social media?

On social media: “I see it as something I struggle to engage with authentically. And therefore, I don’t feel like I need to force it. It works for many people, and they know how to express themselves within that format.

How do I get in touch with Victoria Pedretti?

  1. Direct Email: lgali.
  2. Company Email: [email protected]
  3. Company Tel: +1 212.
  4. Website:

Who is Victoria Pedretti related to?

Love Quinn is a polarizing character, but one thing most You fans agree on is that Pedretti bears a striking resemblance to another famous actor: Hilary Duff. Fans have said that Pedretti is Duff’sdoppelgänger, that they are twins, or that they are at least related.

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Who does Joe end up with?

The new season of You on Netflix boasts even more twists and turns that the first two seasons, as lovelorn murderer Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) realises he has finally met his match in the form of his equally homicidal wife, Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti).

Why did Joe cut off his toes?

It’s being called a murder-suicide, pinning all the blame on Love. (The fire burned up just enough evidence to fully reconstruct what happened, but Joe’s toes in the pie were enough for police to assume he was brutally killed.)

Will there be a season 4 of You?

Good news for us, bad news for Joe Goldberg’s body count: You is returning for a fourth season on Netflix. Just days before the third season of the hit psychological thriller hit viewers’ queues in October 2021, the streaming giant announced that You would be back for season 4.

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Is there a book 3 of You?

Joe Goldberg is coming back for book three of the You series, and this time he’s taking a page from John Mellencamp and moving to a “Small Town” — the serial killer is sick of being chaotic evil and thinks living somewhere more tight-knit will finally make him a better person.

Why is Joe sending Ellie money?

Consequently, sending Ellie money is his way of clearing his conscience, as well, of course, as satisfying Joe’s need to protect women, which he no longer believes Love can provide, given her volatility and wilfulness.

How many Hidden Bodies books are there?

Currently, there are three books in the You thriller series: You, Hidden Bodies, and the recently released You Love Me, which hit shelves on April 1, 2021.

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Will Victoria Pedretti be in season 4?

— is back for season 4. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Love actress Victoria Pedretti or most of the rest of the season 3 cast. According to a new report from Deadline, Euphoria and The White Lotus star Lukas Gage has been cast in You season 4 as a character named Adam!

What happens to love in You Season 3?

Eventually Love realizes it isn’t that she’s not a “good enough” wife. It’s that Joe is a terrible husband. She commits to killing him with a sharpened knife, just before Joe stabs her with a poisoned needle. Love dies, uttering the words, “We’re perfect for each other.”

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Is The Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor connected?

The Haunting of Hill House was loosely based on Shirley Jackson’s 1959 novel of the same name. The Haunting of Bly Manor is loosely based on Henry James’ 1898 classic The Turn of the Screw. The stories are not connected, and neither are the Netflix shows. It’s unclear if future seasons will end up being connected.

Does Victoria Pedretti have a TikTok?

She doesn’t have Twitter and doesn’t have TikTok, preferring to keep her personal life away from the spotlight.

Who is the father of Love’s baby in You?

Milo is the father of Love’s baby.

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At one point, Love tells Joe that she knows the baby isn’t Milo’s because she made him use protection, but there’s a chance she lied about that to save herself. After all, Joe was going to kill her just before she revealed she was pregnant.

How was Joe paralyzed in You?

Love found Joe’s bloody shirt and realized how strong Joe’s feelings for his boss were. She put aconite — a paralytic — on the handle of a knife, so when Joe grabbed the knife to defend himself, he was rendered paralyzed.

Is Henry Joes baby?

In the new batch of episodes, we catch up with Joe and Love in their new suburban paradise, Madre Linda. The couple are now married and have a young baby named Henry to care for.

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