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Chris Mortensen Profile | Wiki

Chris Mortensen is an American journalist. He currently reports for SportsCenter, ESPN Radio,, Monday Night Countdown and ESPN’s Sunday Nfl Countdown. Before joining ESPN, Chris began his career in 1969 working for the Daily Breeze newspaper in Torrance, California, USA, where he received 18 journalism awards.

He was a prodigy in football, baseball and basketball in high school. Chris also previously worked for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution from 1983 to 1990. He is filling out investigative reports and covering the Atlanta Braves, NFL and Atlanta Falcons.


Chris received a National Headliner Award. In 1999, he also made a film about the unreal story of professional wrestling. Before working at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Chris also covered Nfl for The National from 1989-1990.

Chris Mortensen age

He was born on November 7, 1951 in Torrance, California, USA.he is 69 years old.

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Chris Mortensen height

He is a man of above average stature.Chris stands tall 6 feet 1 inches (about 1.85 meters).

photo by Chris MortensenMortensen’s photo

The Chris Mortensons

He was born to his parents on November 7, 1951 in Torrance, California, USA. However, Chris did not share details about his family. Therefore, we do not have details of their names, ages or occupations.

Chris Mortensen wife

Chris is a married man.he married his lovely wife Mitch Mortensen. The couple share a son named Alex Mortensen. However, he did not reveal more information about the other half.

chris mortensen son

He is a proud father Alexander Christian Mortensen He is a former professional quarterback who is now a coach. Alex was born on November 24, 1985 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He is now 36 years old. Alex is recognized as the wide receiver coach for the Birmingham Irons of the American Football League. Previously, he played college football at Arkansas and Sanford.

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Chris Mortensen Education

He received his high school education at North Torrance High School in Torrance, California, and continued his studies at El Camino College, graduating summa cum laude with a BA in Journalism.

Chris Mortenson

He made his first foray into ESPN in 1991. Since Chris has been a reporter for the network. Projects he has served include; Emmy Award-winning Offline Series and NFL GameDay/NFL Countdown/Sunday NFL Countdown.

Chris’ other colleagues include:

Hank Goldberg – Sports Report

Teddy Atlas – Fighting Commentator

Mike Breen – Sports Commentator

Cory Alexander – Basketball Analyst

Trey Wingo – SportsCaster

Jon Barry – Analyst

Chris Mortenson

From 1989 to 1990, he covered the NFL as a reporter for the National Sports Daily. He has also contributed to NFL draft coverage and his work is regularly featured on

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Chris Mortensen mock draft

He airs mock drafts on ESPN. He reported that after the early technical difficulties of the online mock draft, the rest of the draft went well and there was nothing to worry about Thursday night.

Chris Mortensen Health | Diseases | Throat Cancer

His health took a turn for the worse on January 15, 2016, when he announced via an ESPN statement that he had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and would be taking several months off for treatment.

When he told his wife the tragic news, she collapsed on their floor, sobbing, before running outside screaming in fear. Cancer spread to his left lung. Chris still has cancer and doctors say radiation therapy designed to burn him will continue.

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Chris Mortensen lose weight

He lost weight due to radiation therapy. The weight loss was mainly due to his stage 4 cancer.

Chris Mortenson deflate

In January 2015, 11 Patriot footballs used in Sunday’s AFC championship game were each inflated under 2 pounds, which landed him in a scandal. He was subsequently interviewed on ESPN’s Dan Le Batard Show. The interview was about his controversial tweet on August 3, 2015.

Chris later cleared the tweet from Twitter. Chriss later made it clear that the Patriots’ Robert and Jonathan Kraft had called him to apologize. Still, Jonathan Craft disputed that claim, saying “We don’t blame reporters, we blame sources, we didn’t apologize and don’t need to. We worry about people who leaked misinformation.”

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Fight to Keep Chris Mortensen

This is a book written by Chris on January 1, 1991, about how a single man stops a thug from getting caught up in professional football. This book is a true story of football, payback and the mob.

Talking about how the Mafia came close to taking control of professional football, the book also explores money laundering, gambling, game manipulation and the dark side of college sports.

Chris Mortensen update

He currently serves as a reporter for SportsCenter,, ESPN Radio, ESPN’s Sunday and Monday Night Countdown. He is in better shape than ever and has no plans to retire during his career.

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Chris Mortensen salary

He earned his income as a sports reporter. He has determination and passion for his career. Chris’ average salary is $97,548.

Chris Mortensen net worth

He has accumulated good fortune in his career. Chris’ net worth is estimated to be $913,663.

Has Chris Mortensen ever played in the NFL?

no.Chris only covered Nfl for The National from 1989 to 1990 and was one of the first writers hired Frank Deford Who is the editor.

How old is Chris Mortenson in the NFL

Chris is a 69-year-old American journalist who was born on November 7, 1951 in Torrance, California, USA.

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how much money did chris mortensen make

Chris has made substantial income for himself through his reporting career. He has an average salary of $97,548 and an estimated net worth of $913,663.

what happened to chris mortensen

On January 15, 2016, he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Later, his thyroid was removed by the drug he received for a lung tumor, the latest localized cancer to have metamorphosed. He currently reports for SportsCenter, ESPN Radio,, Monday Night Countdown and ESPN’s Sunday Nfl Countdown.

Chris Mortensen Twitter

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