What does it mean for you to live in the rhythm of contemporary automation? First of all, it’s essential to explain the meaning of the phrase “automation as a lifestyle” in more detail, let’s be clear about what each of its components means.


Having left out the explanations, we can say that automation is a chain of certain technical and mathematical methods, which often help to exclude human participation in regular repeating processes wholly or in part. Typically, it comes to the daily processes that even do not require constant presence.


What is a lifestyle? The following term implies our behavior, thoughts, and principles of life. It can be directly connected with your free time management and working hours. Everything we do, manner of behavior, values ​​, and relish – this is our style of life. All these together do not mean you need to surround yourself with robots and breathtaking mechanisms. It is enough just to apply linear actuators and control panels designed by https://www.progressiveautomations.com to automate what you really need for enhanced comfort level and safety.

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Why can automation become a lifestyle and is it possible to automate everything around? Let’s get it together.

Time is the greatest resource you can enjoy using home automation

Have you ever thought, what do you spend your time on? How many hours do you sleep, perform regular home activities, get to work, actually work, go for a walk, and generally spend time on home duties?


The more effective and properly we allocate time, the more comfortable our life is. All of us are striving to have up to five critical feelings:

  • Security,
  • Comfort
  • Mobility
  • Freedom
  • Confidence in the future.
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When you start to experience comfort and security at home and office, you will not want to give it up. As the automation of daily things leads to getting more free time and opportunities to spend on something more important. This is the choice of those who have already decided on their fast-paced, cutting-edge, and productive lifestyle.

If you want to try automation for your individual home purposes, Progressive Automation is the best choice on the market.

What is home automation with Progressive Automation without repairs and wires?

Smart Home from Progressive Automation is a powerful and at the same time budgetary home automation solution that does not require special repairs or preliminary preparation of the premises, laying of cable communications or special practical knowledge. In addition, this technology is fully designed for the end user, offering ease of installation and a wide range of linear actuators, clear wiring, and an intuitive system setup and control interface.

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It is also important to emphasize that the development and assembly of all components take place in accordance with all requirements and certifications. Technical solutions provided by Progressive Automation are a minimum of complex equipment and a maximum of decent comfort.


To be more precise, every customer can choose for themselves what type of tech products to choose: the most appropriate linear actuators for DIY home projects like window shades, automated cat doors, smart kitchen cabinets, etc., or ready-made tech products, for example, adjustable standing desks, TV lifts or automated bed frames.


Having dealt with the complete set of devices and comprehended their purpose, you can easily modify the final automation project by adding or subtracting the desired executing element and selecting the control panel. This approach helps to quickly and conveniently configure the future smart system and, of course, correctly disperse invested funds in home comfort.

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Final thoughts on home automation using linear actuators

The automated home is a space in which the equipment adjusts to the needs of each user. This is a home where everything becomes accessible and easy to use, and which provides functionality, comfort, and safety to the occupants every day.


Progressive Automation manufactures electric drive systems specifically designed for home automation and not only. The products can be tailored to the requirements of each client, allowing for the perfect solution for specific needs. Combined with the right technology, electric linear actuators bring real added value to your equipment.


Electric drive systems have transformed the automated home from fiction into a real concept that is becoming increasingly popular among users. Powerful, compact, and easy to integrate, electric linear actuators find use in a wide range of home applications: indoors, in residential, sleeping and sanitary areas, and outdoors.

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