Is your garage empty or full of things you don’t even use? If half the time you don’t park your car in the garage anyway, it might be time to make better use of the space. That is where garage conversions come into play!

Affordable Garage Conversions

The main benefit of undergoing a garage conversion is the affordability aspect. If you have your heart set on building an ADU, the majority of the time, garage conversion costs are much lower than other ADU development costs. This is because the primary structure is already there, and often water and electricity are already hooked up. This puts you much farther ahead in ADU development than if you were starting from scratch with a detached ADU.

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Extra Living Space

There are two ways to go about converting a garage. You can convert the entire thing into an ADU or convert just the upstairs of it. Either way, you will benefit from having more living space on your property to rent out or use for multi-generational housing. It can be a way to add to the property value of your home as well.

Non-Living Space Uses

Your garage conversion doesn’t have to be just for extra living space. It can also be used for a home office, pool house, gym, family game area, bachelor pad, or a she-shed! The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can do with it. Let your imagination run wild and you might find the most perfect use for your garage conversion!

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DownFalls To Garage Conversions

As with anything, there are some downfalls to garage conversions you should be aware of. The main thing is that you will no longer have a garage if you convert the whole thing rather than just the upper story. As a result, you will have to park your car outside and store your tools and lawnmowers somewhere else. This isn’t a big deal for most people who have sheds and typically park outside anyway.

The other downfall is that it is not always the most affordable ADU option. If your garage foundation or structure is not up to code. It can be costly to get it fixed and bring it to livable standards. At that point, it might make more sense to build a detached ADU at the same price. However, most people who are considering garage conversions have garages that are already in good shape.

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