Have you ever heard of the Belgian DJ Yves V? If not, you’re missing out on one of the most talented DJs in the music industry today! Yves V has been making waves in the dance music scene since the early 2000s and has become a top-rated artist in recent years. In this post, we’ll explore five reasons why Yves V is the must-see DJ of the year.

1) Early start to the career

Yves V’s passion for music began early in his life. As a teenager, he started playing music and organized parties for his friends. After finishing school, he worked at a record store and later became a resident DJ in a nightclub in his hometown. With years of practice and dedication, he developed his unique style, which combines electronic dance music with classic house beats, creating an energetic and euphoric atmosphere wherever he performs.

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2) Global recognition

Yves V’s talent has taken him around the world, performing at some of the biggest festivals and clubs. He has shared stages with renowned artists such as David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, and Armin van Buuren. At Tomorrowland, the world’s most extensive dance music festival, Yves V has been a resident DJ since 2012, and his performances are always highly anticipated by the fans.

3) Award-winning productions

Yves V is not only a DJ, but he is also a prolific producer. Over the years, he has released numerous hits that have topped the charts and won awards. His collaborations with other prominent artists such as Martin Garrix, Regi, and Timmy Trumpet have been particularly successful, and his solo productions have also gained recognition.

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4) Unique performance style

Yves V’s performances are known for their energy, passion, and great interaction with the crowd. His sets are a mix of dancefloor hits and exclusive tracks, which he creates and remixes. He uses his skills to keep the audiences engaged and create an ambiance that is unforgettable.

5) Philanthropist

Yves V is not just a successful musician, but he is also a philanthropist who uses his music to give back to society. He has collaborated with several charities such as PETA and the United Nations Foundation, and he supports numerous social causes, including education and poverty alleviation.


Q1. What is the origin of Yves V’s stage name?

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A1. Yves V’s real name is Yves Van Geertsom, and he uses the first letter of his last name as his stage name.

Q2. Is Yves V’s music only for young people?

A2. No, Yves V’s music attracts a diverse audience, ranging from teenagers to adults who appreciate high-quality electronic dance music.

Q3. Is Yves V’s music only electronic dance music?

A3. Yes, Yves V’s music is predominantly electronic dance music that combines various sub-genres such as house, trance, and progressive.

Q4. How has Yves V’s music evolved over the years?

A4. Yves V’s music has evolved from classic house to a more commercial sound, reflecting the changing tastes in dance music over time.

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Q5. Does Yves V ever perform live with a band?

A5. No, Yves V is a solo artist and performs on stage with his DJ equipment, creating and mixing tracks as he engages the audience.

Q6. What inspired Yves V to become a philanthropist?

A6. Yves V believes that music can bring positive change to society and has always been committed to using his talent to make the world a better place.

Q7. How can I attend one of Yves V’s live shows?

A7. Yves V’s shows are announced on his website, social media pages, and event ticketing platforms such as Eventbrite. You can visit his website to find out more about upcoming shows and buy tickets.

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Yves V has built a massive following worldwide, and it’s no surprise why he is regarded as the must-see DJ of the year. With his unique style, global recognition, award-winning productions, and philanthropic spirit, Yves V has shown that he is far more than just a DJ. Whether you’re into electronic dance music or not, you won’t want to miss out on one of his memorable performances. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to his website, check out his upcoming shows, buy your tickets and get ready to experience the mesmerizing vibes of Yves V!

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