Whenever people buy food, clothing, or other merchandise, they read the labels on the products to get details about them. Labels are essential to promote and market a product. No one would prefer to purchase a product that has no stickers. Customers would like to know what the product contains before buying it, and labels help them to decide whether the product will meet their requirements or not. Textured stickers make the product stand out and attract the customer’s attention. They are available in unique colours, shapes, fonts, and designs. A textured label helps the customer differentiate it from products manufactured by competitors when placed together on the shelves of supermarkets.

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Importance of the quality and material of stickers

Textured labels made of high-quality materials with good printing technology give an attractive look to the product and impress the customer. These stickers do not fade quickly, and when a good quality adhesive is used to stick them, there are no chances of slipping. However, choosing the right sticker material that best suits the products, brands, packaging, and designs is essential.

Benefits of textured labels

Textured labels make the product packaging eye-catching and draw the customer’s attention.

The quality of packaging speaks about the quality of the product. Customers like to purchase good quality products that are well packed, and textured labels prove that the packaging is good.

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The personality of a brand is revealed through the product labels. The label indirectly tells customers what the product looks and feels like. Textured labels make customers note a brand’s efforts in packaging its products.

All businesses need an effective marketing strategy and adding an excellent textured label to the product becomes an effective marketing strategy.

What does a product sticker do?

Propagates familiarity: Customers buy products after reading the sticker on the label. Textured stickers reinforce familiarity and make customers feel that they have known the product for a long time.

Creates an impression: Products generate an image in the customers’ minds through their labels. They connect with the customer and create awareness about the brand and product.

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Carries information: Product stickers have vital information about the product. It includes details of the ingredients, instructions for using it, warnings and manufacturers’ addresses.

Make products stand out: The supermarket shelves have similar products grouped. Brands compete with each other, and it’s the textured label that can help a brand stand out. The size, colour, and design make the sticker unique.

Marketing tool: All brands want people to buy their products. The information printed on the label must convince the customer that it can meet their expectations. Textured stickers can become the most powerful marketing tool and boost sales.

How to create the perfect textured label

Brands can make labels according to their preferences. However, there are some concepts that brands must follow to create textured labels that increase sales.

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More space for helpful information: Apart from the brand name and product name, details about the ingredients and how they help people must be easily visible to the customers. The information must be clear and concise to avoid creating confusion in people’s minds.

Appropriate label size: The size of the textured label depends upon the aesthetics of the product. It should be small for products with a pleasing appearance like jewellery. If the product’s appearance has nothing special, the label size needs to be big.

Harmonious design: All the design elements must blend to create an attractive label. The textured label’s material and the colour combinations must make it stand out from other similar products. It must be unique, and the design elements should ensure that the customers quickly spot the label.

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Textured stickers have several types of surfaces ranging from heavily textured to relatively smooth surfaces. They create an air of luxury for the brand. Embossed labels have an enhanced visual appeal. Stickers play a vital role in attracting customers and boosting the sales of a product.

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